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TOME I, Tab A, Fig 2: A Restoration of Catopterus (Dipterus)

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TOME II, Tab H, Fig 4-5: Megalichthys tooth section, Cricodus tooth section (poss Holoptychius)

TOME II, Tab 1a, Fig 1-2: Cephalaspis lyelli from Glamis (Lyell collection)

TOME II, Tab 1b, Fig 1-5: Cephalaspis lyelli

TOME II, Tab 1c, Fig 1-2: Acanthodes sulcatus, Newhaven. Fig 3-4: Cheiracanthus murchisoni, Gamrie. Fig 5: Cheiracanthus minor, Orkney (Pomona)

TOME II, Tab 1d, Fig 1-3: Cheirolepis trailli, Orkney

TOME II, Tab 1e, Fig 1-3: Cheirolepis uragus, Gamrie. Fig 4 Cheirolepis trailli, Orkney

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TOME II, Tab 2, Fig 1: Dipterus macropygopterus. F. 2 D.brachypygopterus F. 3 D. valenciennesi F.4 D. macrolepidotus

TOME II, Tab 2a, Fig 1-3 : Dipterus macropygopterus. (infact all examples in Tab 2 and 2a are D. valenciennesi)

TOME II, Tab 2b, Fig 1-4: Osteolepis macrolepidotus, Orkney

TOME II, Tab 2c, Fig 1-4: Osteolepis microlepidotus, Fig 5-6 Osteolepis macrolepidotus(infact all O.macrolepidotus)

TOME II, Tab 2d, Fig 1-3: Osteolepis arenatus, Gamrie (infact all O.macrolepidotus)

TOME II, Tab 4b, Fig 1-2: Amblypterus nemopterus, Fig 3-6: Amblypterus striatus, Newhaven

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TOME II, Tab 4c, Fig 1-2: Palaeoniscus carinatus, Fig 3-5 Amblypterus punctatus, Newhaven

TOME II, Tab 10a, Fig 1-2: Palaeoniscus robisoni, Fig 3-4 Palaeoniscus striolatus, Fig 5-7 Palaeoniscus ornatissimus

TOME II, Tab 14a, Fig 1-4: Eurynotus crenatus, Burdiehouse

TOME II, Tab 14b, Fig 1-2: Eurynotus crenatus, Burdiehouse

TOME II, Tab 14b, Fig 1-2: Eurynotus fimbriatus, Newhaven (infact all Eurynotus crenatus)

TOME II, Tab 19, Fig 13: Gyrolepis giganteus (infact Holoptychius nobilissimus)

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TOME III, Tab A, Fig 6: Gyracanthus formosus

TOME III, Tab M, Fig 3: Ctenodus robertsoni, Fig 4-5 Ctenoptychius denticulatus

TOME III, Tab 1, Fig 11-13: Sphenacanthus serrulatus, Burdiehouse

TOME III, Tab 1a, Fig 9-11: Tristchius arcuatus, Greenside

TOME III, Tab 5, Fig 1-3: Ptychacanthus sublaevis (infact Tristchius arcuatus)

TOME III, Tab 19, Fig 2-4: Ctenoptychius pectinatus, F. 5-7 C.denticulatus, 

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TOME III, Tab 22a, Fig 8-10: Hybodus dubius,  Fig 11 Hybodus undulatus, Fig 15-17 Sphenonchus martini

TOME III, Tab 22b, Fig 2-5: Diplodus gibbosus, Fig 6-8 D. minutus, Fig 25 Cladodus hibberti, Fig 26-27 C. parvus